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100 Gallon (95.9 Gallon Capacity) Propane Tank Specifications

The ASME grade tanks we offer are stronger than DOT tanks. They are so reliable that they do not require regular inspections. The table below lists the detailed specifications for the 100 Gallon Propane Tank:

120 gallon ASME propane tank with dimensions marked
100 Gallon Tank Specifications
Propane Capacity (in Gallons)95.9
Propane Capacity (in Lb)420
Water Capacity (in Lb)1000
Tare Weight (in Lb)291
Overall Height (in Inches)53.8
Height (in Inches)45.6
Overall Diameter (in Inches)30
Base Diameter (in Inches)23.1

Tanks are prepared with a protective white powder coating.

All tanks include lids to protect the top of the tank from rain, snow, ice, leaves or other debris.

All tanks arrive empty (vaccuum purged), ready for connections, valves, gauges and filling by the propane company of your choice.

100 Gallon ASME Tank
Just $995 - including curbside delivery* to states East of the Mississippi.

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* Prices quoted include curbside delivery to locations in contiguous United States that are East of the Mississippi. Delivery charges are higher for states West of the Mississippi.
Tanks are delivered in approximately two weeks from date of order. Questions? Contact us! We're here to help!

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